What is a Driving School?

If you've ever wondered what are the difference between local driving schools in places such as Andover Hampshire and the big national driving schools such as Red are, well this page tries to explain the differences and give you a small insight as to what is a driving school and some differences between them. You may be surprised after reading this article!

What is a Driving School?

A driving school is either a singular person such as Jude's Driving School or a group of people who are qualified to give paid tuition and have been given this right by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. If a driving school is operated by one person, then this is called a sole-trader and runs their own business by themselves and works independently from anybody else.

If there are more than one driving instructor or more than one driving school car out on the road giving paid tuition, then this is generally a team of instructors either working in partnership or for an organisation. Driving Instructors who work for an organisation are commonly known as franchisee's.

A franchisee driving instructor will generally pay the franchiser a fee for the use of their company name, logo, supply of pupils and any other materials set out in their contract.

Driving schools offering driving lessons will vary in size, it could be one driving school car and one driving instructor or it could be a big national company such as Red. Then there are variations of this where there is a team of local driving instructors covering a town or maybe a county. In general, you will probably see more advertising from national companies such as Red. This is because local driving schools may have already built up a good reputation and have good customer reviews so therefore people are more inclined to go with local instructors, especially if they've been recommended.

Andover Driving Schools

I can't thank Jude enough, she is an absolutely amazing driving instructor, couldn't fault her in any way, she's also lovely, has lovely chats and just an amazing person, will recommend her to anyone and all thanks to her I went and past my test first time, with all that she's helped me with.. Amazing x

 5 out of 5 stars

Most driving schools will be able to offer you the same services such as driving lessons, pass plus, refresher lessons and intensive courses. Some will also be able to offer you FREE Theory training too and may also have resources that you can use such as DVD's, books or even Apps. When making a genereal enquiry to a driving school for driving lessons it may be worth asking what resources they use to assist with your learning. It's also worth asking if your driving instructor will only pick you up and drop you off at home or do they give you an option to be able to do a pick up from your place of work, college or university.

Jude from Jude's Driving School is a great driving instructor, she is friendly, patient and very reliable. Through various customer feedback it has been mentioned that we are the No1 driving school in Andover, Hampshire and she has an amazing reputation and excellent customer reviews to support this. If you're looking to take driving lessons in Andover and surrounding areas then get in touch to see when you can start. You can also find on this website information about how driving instructors go about delivering driving lessons and just exactly what is a driving instructor..

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